Nintendo SNES to neo geo and supergun adapter + autofire

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Expand the joystick /pad compatibility list of your supergun / neo geo with the new Super Nintendo 2 Neo Geo Adapter !! Last but not least, the autofire is included . Discover a new more confortable way to play with your Neo Geo and supergun video game system. Take care of your fingers and protect the A button of your expensive pad / Joystick . Just plug this usefull tool beetwin your neogeo / supergun and your Super NES/Nintendo/Famicom controller , enjoy ! With it you can place any (or even all) of the 4 buttons into autofire more . Moreover,it also operates with extended 6 buttons connectors Neogeo compatible built for some superguns ( Retroelectronik arcade essential supergun is guaranteed to be 100% Compatible ). If you use such a pad,all of the 6 buttons can be switched into autofire mode (for example,it'll support blue elf and pandora's Box in native) . How does it work ? It's so simple,if you want a button to be switched into autofire mode,just push start button and the button (or multiple buttons ) at the same time during 2 seconds and thats all . You just have to do the same to remove the autofire mode. Let's try to play Metal Slug with it,you'll really feel the difference and never again you'll play without retroelectronik systems.


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Nintendo SNES to neo geo and supergun adapter + autofire

Nintendo SNES to neo geo and supergun adapter + autofire